Fake News

You’ve got to love the irony as the oppressive left-liberal establishment has popularized and repackaged their own propaganda tactics into the new power leverage “fake news”. As the establishment coerce large companies like Facebook and Google into submission my presumption is that they will target the dissidents in the alternative media in a war on information, and not only the pure fiction.

After all, with the large setbacks recently (Trump, Brexit, right-wing movements across Europe etc.) it must be expected that the Empire strikes back against an alternative media challenging the consensus and depriving both the mainstream media and politicians of revenues and trust. And more importantly, the interpretative prerogative of what’s real, true and relevant.

Is fake news a problem? Yes, it is a tremendous problem because a viable democracy is dependent on information. But it is not a problem in the way that it’s depicted by the political establishment. On the contrary, it is the established media that repeatedly spreads false and selective news.

It probably defeats the purpose trying to convince the uninitiated reader of the vast problems with the mainstream media since a few examples introduces the risk of diminishing an extensive and large scale problem into a few selected events. Then again, unless you’ve been living under a rock, or are an irredeemable leftist, you know very well about the one-sided propaganda on topics like immigration and gender equality.

The relevant question now is; does these rather intervening measures imply that the left-liberal hegemony is seriously challenged? Let’s sincerely hope so.



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